Överluleå church (Boden´s church)

The construction of Överluleå Church began in 1826. The constructional drawings were made by architect Jacob Wilhelm Gerss, after a proposal by Erik Hollström, Sunderbyn. Master builders were mere 23-year-old Olof Gustav Alm from the village of Boden and Israel Rönnberg from Alter in Piteå. Israel Rönnberg had also built the church in Arvidsjaur. The church was completed and consecrated on 17 July 1831. The church is a so-called "Tegnérlada" (a barn church as conceived by bishop Esaias Tegnér), a countryside church with a large central room, and the church tower is placed in the middle of the southern longside. Much has happened within those massive walls in the past 170 years. The eyes of author Eyvind Johnson look down over the church room from one of Simons Sörman's mural paintings. Bror Marklund's unique twelve apostles flank the altar.

Sights in the church

  • The Maria sanctuary in the middle of the church, with paintings by Sörman and a baptismal font in Ekeberg marble.

  • The main sanctuary with wooden carvings of the 12 apostles. New freestanding altar (1991) and the old pulpit (1831).

  • Museum in the church attic with, among other things, an altarpiece from 1931.

Överluleå Församling
Kyrkgatan 30
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