Edefors Church

Edefors congregation was formed on the 1st of May 1890 by splitting up the Överluleå congregation. On the 8th of July 1888 the first church was consecrated. This church, however, burnt to the ground on the 4th of May 1918. Today's church was consecrated on Midsummer Day in 1928. John Åkerlund, Stockholm was the architect and Uno Lindgren, Svartbäcken the master builder. The church has seating for 400. Among the objects of art the altarpiece and the chandeliers, carved by architect Valdemar Granland, Harads, should be mentioned. The ceiling frescos were made by the artist Erik Jerkhe, Stockholm. In 1969 the church's old organ, made by Elis Alm, Norsjö, was replaced with a new 15-voiced one. This organ, as well as the small sanctuary organ, was built by Grönslunds Orgelbyggeri in Gammelstad.

Edeforsvägen 72
Phone: +46 (0)928-108 50




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