Strolling areas

Boden offers a wide panoply of highclass activities to those who want to exercise, go fishing or simply take a stroll through the surrounding nature.

The Björknäs area
This area is gorgeously situated by the water, with green spaces and rambling paths all around. This area is also home to the very popular Björknäs park, where fairs and markets often take place during the summer, many of them with a funfair.

This beautiful green area is situated along the Bodträsket at the centre of town. All types of free activities are a matter of top priority here, with everything from dog shows and summer churches to military events.

Ecopark Storklinten
What is an ecopark, really?
An ecopark is a stretch of forest landscape of somewhat larger dimension that is of high natural value and strives to conserve nature.

The Ecopark offers a very rough terrain, with untouched spruce and pine woods, and areas with elements of primeval forest.

In this ecopark, you will discover a rich fauna with large numbers of moose, reindeer, Tengmalm's Owls, goshawks, otters and sometimes hare. These woods are ideal for berrypicking, as they conceal everything from cloudberries, lingonberries and blueberries to mushrooms.

For those who pursue outdoor activities, the skiing area of Storklinten is contiguous to the park. This installation is well-known to friends of downhill skiing but also to those who enjoy a well-prepared cross-country track.

You can pick up a flyer with further information and a map of the park at the Tourist Center.

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