Fishing Grounds

Fishing is well represented in Boden and the choices are many. Choose between having your own guide, who will accompany you and share his best tricks with you, or driving out to the countryside to enjoy the silence while your float is bobbing on the water.

Under "Activities", you will find commercial fishing companies with guide.

Would you like to set out on your own? Here are a few tips:

  • Klartjärn
  • Lakaträsk
  • Lapptjärn
  • Fisklösträsk
  • Flarkån
  • Sandträsket
  • Vitträsk (Brännberg)
  • Övre Småträsket
  • Vitträsket (Sörbyn)
  • Rengårdstjärnarna
  • Vedatjärn
  • Råtjärnarna
  • Abborrtjärn
  • Renoträsk
  • Mockträsket
  • Hundsjö (modified for use by a disabled)

Further information on these fishing grounds can be found in the brochure "Fishing tips", which can be picked up at the Tourist Center or downloaded in PDF format here.


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