Bus pass

You can buy and refill Bus-passes for the local buses here!
Fill up the Bus-pass at the Tourist Center. Choose acc. below or charge your card with travel funds and choose any amount!

School youth           90 SEK
Youth                    130 SEK
Adult                     180 SEK
Senior                    130 SEK

School youth          240 SEK
Youth                    360 SEK
Adult                     48 SEK
Senior                    360 SEK

180 Days
School youth           600 SEK
Youth                    1500 SEK
Adult                     2000 SEK
Senior                   1500 SEK

360 Days
School youth           1200 SEK
Youth                     2500 SEK
Adult                      3400 SEK
Senior                     2500 SEK

School children 7-19 years (For 100 SEK the school children travel for a whole year, how much they want. Those bus-passes you buy at Boden Trainstation.)
Youth 20-25 years
Adult 26-64 years
Senior 65 years -

With travel funds you can travel on all lines in the regional traffic from Haparanda in the north to Umeå in Västerbotten. With 10-Travels, 40-Travels and 180/360 Days you travel by the local buses in Boden. 

Tourist Center in Boden

Enter Galleria
+46 921-624 10


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