Boden Fortress

Welcome to one of Sweden's largest military building projects of all times.

In 1901, the decision was taken to build Sweden's largest fortifications: Boden Fortress. The fortress consists of 1,200 different objects, and the powerful artillery forts create a girdle around the town. In total, Boden Fortress consists of five forts: Rödbergsfortet, Södra Ã…bergsfortet, Gammelängsfortet, Mjösjöfortet, and Degerbergsfortet. Nowadays you can visit Rödbergsfortet, which is authentically furnished.

In order to obtain a complete picture of Boden's Fortress and of the town's history of defence, we recommend a visit of the Museum of Defence ('Försvarsmuseum'), to then continue towards Rödbergsfortet for a guided tour (guided tours daily during summertime, by advance bookings during wintertime).

During summertime, the Fortress guide offers an exciting guided tour by bus: the BFHP ('Bodens Fästnings Hemliga Platser', a.k.a. the secret places of Boden Fortress).

If you want to discover Boden Fortress on your own, we recommend "Bodens Fästning - Karta och historik 1897-1945", for purchase at the Tourist Center.

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