Robbgården - farmhouse

Robbegården was moved from one of the oldest farms in Svartbyn. The oldest documented facts about the families who lived on the farm date as far back as 1635. The land registry shows that a Pastor Roberts used to live there and most probably the farm was named after him. Robgården is built in the typical Norrbotten style with ten corners. The interior of the building is well-preserved and you can see original ceilings and walls with mud-coloured paint - as it was common at that time.

The stones for the landing were ordered by Johan Jakob Eriksson, born in 1831. Hence the inscription on the landing: JJE 1831. The stones were made by a worker who was also working on the construction of the engelska kanalen (called the English canal locally). The other inscription in the landing reads: B 1866, the year the landing was built. It costed 325 riksdaler (old Swedish currency).


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