The church cottages

The church cottages. From 1833 on a church town with cottages, stables and streets started to grow around the Överluleå church, due to the long travelling distances to the church. In order to be allowed to build a church cottage you had to live at least 10 km from the church. The villagers from Bredåker were the first to built cottages and stables. It was planned to build a total of 400 cottages but this number was never reached. In 1919, the year Boden was given city rights, a total of 128 cottages could be counted. 30 cottages are left today.

The church town had more functions than serving as accommodation during church visits. It was for example also used for markets, ting (old Swedish word for court) , levy and confirmation classes. During the construction of the fortresses in Boden, from 1902 to 1912, there was a great demand for horse-driven carts and many of the drivers stayed in the nearby church cottages.

The cottages are maintained by the Kyrkkläppen Foundation and can be rented during summertime under the following telephone number:
+46(0)921-198 70

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