Bodens Soldathem OII

King Oscar II's Soldier house or "OII" as it is called today.

The building was constructed in 1912 and was at that time a simple pavilion with the aim of acting as a military meeting place. During the war years between 1914 to 1918, when Boden literally was invaded by conscripts and soldiers, they realised that the pavilion was not enough. So in the year of 1925 they expand the house to twice its former size and it is in that building OII currently operate in.

OII is today a meeting place for both military and civilian.

"Military Shop"
A small "shop" where they sell "military" functional recreational materials such as backpacks, boots, clothing, knives, etc.

Simple café with the possibility to sit outside or inside. Restaurant is also available in the same building.

Miniature golf
Boden's oldest and freshest mini golf course is open from thaw til the snows fall again.

Contact Information

Drottninggatan 49
96145 Boden

0921-34 86 00


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