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Sörbyn Tourism & Conference located between the char-rich cold source Vitträsket lake and Råne River greatest calm waters Degerselet. There are very good opportunities for an exciting fishing - everything from pike fishing in world class to dry fly fishing for char. There are many interesting lakes in the area who have a good stocks of pike and perch, and some waters stocked with fish as trout, char and rainbow trout. All fishing requires a fishing license and we are happy to help with their marketing.

The cold source lake Vitträsket has a fine trout fishing, summer and winter. It is an easily accessible lake where you can park your car right by the lake and then walk out on the ice or launch your boat. There are three shelters to use, including one very close to the Sörby park. There is an active fish conservation effort in Vitträsket, both through the release of mature fish and trough long-term work to support the char's own reproduction.

Read more about fishing on fish conservation association Sörbyn Sundsnäs, website,

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