Guided Tour at Rödbergsfortet – A part of Boden Fortress

Take a step into the military history and one of Sweden most lavish military secrets of all time. It was the final fort that was taken out of service 1998. All equipment and furnishings remain, showing how the fort was used in everyday life and how it was meant to serve in combat.

Boden’s Fortress includes five fort interspersed in the mountains, located in a ring around the city during the early 1900s. This is the only “girdle fortress” in Sweden. The unique defence construction is now a national monument.

Important to advise in advance if you wish to receive the guidance in another language than Swedish. Guided tours of the fortress can be arranged in the following languages​​: Swedish, English and German.
There is also guide texts in folders in: Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Serbo-Croatian, English and German.

The fort opens up for pre-booked groups during August 2015 - June 2016. Please contact Rödbergsfortet for an offer!

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