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Culture Festival and Late Night Shopping in Boden, August 25

"A night by our city, to our city."

15/08 kl. 17:11 | Events

Children's theater Autumn 2016

First out of this fall's theater for children is "Sagan om det prickiga snabeldjuret".

09/08 kl. 15:11 | Events

"BFHP" - Boden Fortress Secret Places 2016

Join a guided bus tour that will take you to places that were once were cosely-guarded military secrets.

05/07 kl. 14:48 | Events, Activities

Musikgymnasiet: RENT! March 16-18

During these three evenings this "school edition" musical is held at Folkets Hus, Saga by the musical students at Björknäsgymnasiet.

09/03 kl. 17:27 | Events

Swedish Championship for Youth in Boden March 10-13

During five days this Swedish Championship for Youth take place in Boden in both cross country-skiing and alpine skiing.

09/03 kl. 17:02 | Events

Edeforsbygden's Winter Festival Feb 20-28

The theme for this year's winter festival is "together". You are most welcome to take part in all activities and events that this week offers!

15/02 kl. 16:18 | Activities, Events

Culture for the kids

Let's get the cultural spring started! Come join the children's theater Pocket Ghosts and the dance performance Comet!

02/01 kl. 11:19 | Events

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