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Photographers and their pictures
Upplev Boden uses images both from members and from external photographers. These images may not be copied or used in any form without the photographer's/copyright owner's consent. The images have been taken, among others, by Fredrik Broman/Human Spectra, Palle Andersson/Human Spectra, Per Bergbom/Lulebild, Robert Westin/Arctic Fishing, and others.

Upplevboden.nu is owned by the Economic Association Boden Turism Ek. F. and operates as the Association's shared information portal on the Internet. The Association consists predominantly of members from sectors related to the hospitality industry, such as tourism entrepreneurs, commerce and transport companies, as well as others.  

Information management
Boden Turism owns and is responsible for all information that is published on this website, but not for information that this website refers to via external links; neither for company presentations displayed on this website. In addition, Boden Turism can not be made responsible for information in the event calendar, as the latter is provided by third party (Swedish Lapland Ekonomiska förening).

Responsibility for booked packages
Boden Turism is responsible for information about bookable packages until their booking has been activated by paying the reservation fee. From that moment onwards, the respective supplier is responsible for travel planning and implementation. The contact information on booked packages therefore refers to the booked supplier directly.

Financing of this web portal
This portal is financed by our members as well as by EU funding originating from Structural Funds, and partly co-financed by the municipality of Boden and the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten. The Tourist Information Office is operated by Boden Turism on behalf of the municipality of Boden.

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