Would You like to help develop Boden?

Become a member of our economic association, Boden Turism! Then you will be able to participate, contribute and benefit from the activities of the association. Entrepreneurs, associations and organizations formed Boden Turism in 2000 and the association has about 40 members.

Aims of the association

  • To coordinate the marketing of Boden as a destination for visitors
  • To attract more visitors to Boden and to induce them to stay longer
  • To coordinate events and activities attractive to tourists
  • To initiate and lead projects in the field of tourism and hospitality
  • To coordinate EU project proposals in the field of tourism and hospitality
  • To initiate, coordinate and implement training and development projects for the tourism and hospitality industry

Organisation of the economic association
The management and operation in the above-mentioned areas are run by the employees of the association, together with chairman Rikard Mattsson. The general management of the association is in the hands of its Board, consisting of representatives elected by the association's members. The Board consists of representatives from Edefors and Gunnarsbyn as well as representatives from Boden Handel (the merchants), Boden Council, Företagarna (the companies) and the hospitality industry.

Who can become a member in our association?
The association is aimed primarily at organisations, companies and institutions in Boden whose activities will benefit from a growing influx of visitors in the municipality. These visitors can be a family on holiday, a business traveller or someone visiting his or her relatives or friends living in Boden. No matter in which branch or industry you are active, you will profit from welcoming more visitors. In a broader context, it will benefit companies, organisations, associations and institutions to gather their efforts around a concerted marketing effort for Boden as a travelling destination and a place to visit. The association does therefore not exclusively address companies and organisations within the tourist industry.

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